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  • Changes delayed, again

    Posted 2 Hours, 4 Minutes Ago

    I'm really sorry guys, due to moving into a new place I am restricted from accessing the server. I'm just waiting for Tcholok to wake up and whitelist my ip.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Also it appears Sunstrider has suffered some kind of error. Due to my access restrictions I am unable to resolve this until Tcholok wakes up. The server is down temporarily.

    On a sidenote, the cookie issue that was affecting people who play both Regenesis and Sunstrider is fixed. All you need to do is delete your cookies for Monkey Dynasty one time, and the issue will be resolved after that.

  • Status update

    Posted 17 Hours, 19 Minutes Ago

    As some of you know I moved to a new place just yesterday. The last few weeks have been difficult for me to balance the servers, my other development work, my family, packing, etc.

    I'm happy to announce that I'll be able to resume a more regular schedule now that the move is completed.

    I apologize for the constant delays this has caused with patching, faction changes, and whatever else has been delayed.

    The patch we have been working on is simply too large to be done all at once. So we're going to split it into parts. I've been trying to think of people with low bandwidth limits and reduce the amount of times that they would have to download large files, however this is heavily delaying development and is really not feasible for this particular patch. I apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

    I will absolutely be doing faction changes and gear changes tomorrow morning, I should start them around 12- 14 hours from the time of this post.

    I don't have an exact timeline on the first step of the patch, but it will most likely happen tomorrow evening for MD-Regen, and Tuesday for JM. Sunstrider's patch is entirely different and I have no timeline on that, however there will be a small patch for Sunstrider tomorrow for some critical fixes that should have been implemented weeks ago.

  • Two Years

    Posted 1 Week, 5 Days, 15 Hours, 36 Minutes Ago

    Can you believe it's been two years since Monkey Dynasty launched? I can't. And look where we are now!

    I've been pretty far removed from the server for a while now, so almost all credit for the continued success and stability of everything is owed to the amazing staff (Perryl, EvilFlippy, Renya, and all the new faces I haven't even met!). Hats off to all of you and to the players and community for keeping everything fun and exciting.

    There are plenty of surprises in store, but to get things started, enjoy some double donations!

  • Login issue on regen + sunstrider sites

    Posted 1 Month, 1 Day, 21 Hours Ago

    Many of you have noticed an issue when logging into different accounts on the regen and sunstrider sites. This is because the cookies that control your login session are currently stored for * so they essentially overwrite each other (in your browser's cache). The result is annoying as you have probably noticed, but it is not dangerous.

    I will be addressing this within the next day or two. Until then, if you regularly use different accounts on both sites, you could try using chrome for one site and firefox for another.

    Thanks for your patience while we work out all the kinks of this upgrade + server migration. There are a lot of moving parts and a lot of things I setup over a year ago and don't have a great memory for it all. I imagine everything will be pretty steady in a few days.

    There was an issue with voting that was caused by some of our protections, and has since been resolved.

    I have also repaired item delivery and sent out the undelivered purchases from the last few days.

  • Regenesis vs Sunstrider

    Posted 1 Month, 3 Days, 16 Hours, 29 Minutes Ago

    I want to clarify that these are two entirely different servers. What we have done here is forked the server so that the Sunstrider server can continue on with the 12 classes, while the Regenesis server will continue being updated for 15 class and beyond.

    One of the most common questions is:
    "Can I vote on both sites?"

    Absolutely, in fact, we encourage it.

    The databases are now completely separate, and you can choose for yourself if you want to play on both, vote on both, donate on both. etc. The voting rules do still apply, you may only vote once per 6 hours regardless of ip or account.

    Just to further clarify, because I know how "confusing" this tends to be for people.

    • You may only vote once per 6 hours
    • You may vote on both sites, once per 6 hours
    • You may not vote twice on the same site in the same 6 hours

    Another common question I get is:
     "What about the changes from before Regen that were not completed?"

    These changes will be completed on both servers by default. If you want to make any changes to your order you need to submit a ticket. You can cancel on one server and it will not affect the pending change on the other server. This will only be relevant for about 10 orders that are incomplete from before the Regenesis server was opened.

    Things like changes, Banana Coupon exchanging, support, everything is suffering right now. We're still trying to get everything smooth and integrated into our schedules, which we already have a lot of trouble with. Please bare with us while we get everything worked out.

    We're also patching stuff in from other versions of Regenesis to both servers, more information coming on these things soon.

    Not to mention the 2 year anniversary event that starts in about 2 weeks, maybe closer to 3.

  • Regenesis server is open.

    Posted 1 Month, 4 Days, 19 Hours, 41 Minutes Ago

    We have (finally) finished (enough of) working on Regenesis for you guys to start playing!

    The database was just recently copied, and download options are working.

    Go here to download the Regenesis client.

    Note that the web installer does work, but when you use the web installer you are downloading the entire client to a new folder in your program files. Monkey Dynasty - Regen.  This allows you to keep both the Sunstrider and the Regenesis clients so you can play both servers. This is the recommended method of downloading.

    You can also manually download the entire client here.

    You can alternatively replace the launcher in your current MD client with the auto-updater. However this will remove your Sunstrider client, and is not recommended unless you are sure you only want to play the Regenesis version of MD.

    You can use the same method as above to replace your JM client if you have one. Or, you can download the manual patch for the JM client here. Note that even if you download the manual patch it is highly recommended to delete your "userdata" folder and run "full check" after replacing the files.

    We are still working through some of the automated processes to get everything working, but it is fully playable now. The main thing you will not be able to do is receive items you purchase from the donation shop. The purchases are logged, and the deliveries will happen tomorrow. The automated process that handles this is not completed, but we know that nobody wants to wait for that. As long as we are logging it.

    Fort does not currently work, we know why, and will probably set it up tomorrow-ish.

    Elysium also doesn't work currently, but we didn't feel it was a good reason to keep the server closed. We will work more on that afterwards.

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